• Ribbons of Time - 2019


This esquisite, painstakingly hand built Porcelain wall sculpture is encased in a beautiful hardwood Ash frame. These mirroring wall sculptures in porcelain, are complex, folded, twisted, undulating forms.


The porcelain is hand rolled to 2mm, so fine that it can be cut with scissors and no longer resembles clay, but a form of extremely delicate, wet paper, that can tear and warp. Each piece, whether a twist, a ribbon or a folded is then added to an

undulating slab of porcelain, slotting into it's own unique space. Each a unique indiviual becoming one with it's neighbour.


The sculptures and their ash frames require months of precise and delicate hand building work finished with a clear stoneware glaze and fired to 1260 degrees.


Measurements: Ribbons of Time 2019 118cm x 51.5cm (Inc. 3cm recess, three sections). Paper Porcelain, Ash frame and clear stoneware glaze.

Ribbons of Time

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