The core foundation of the of work relates to the complex components, repeat patterns, multiples and building blocks that make up much of our natural world and human existence. Mirroring a delicacy and a strength in the human condition. 


The hand built wall sculptures in porcelain, are complex, folded, twisted, undulating forms. The sculptures and their ash frames require months of precise and delicate hand building work utilising jewellery making tools. The porcelain is hand rolled to 2mm, so fine that it can be cut with scissors and no longer resembles clay, but a form of extremely delicate, wet paper, that can tear and warp. Each piece, whether a twist, a ribbon or folded form is then added to an undulating slab of paper porcelain slotting into it's own unique space.

When immersed in the forms, the natural flow of the objects can seem chaotic and erratic. The movement and the flow capture the light and shadows of other earthly ideals drawing the viewer into the beauty of simplicity, pattern and erosion; to the light, shadows and curved, con-caved forms.

Sarah Kay Waters, Porcelain. Infinity 2018
Sarah Kay Waters - Porcelain.
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